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Meetup Room
9:00 am CST - 10:00 am CST


Spotlight on New Orleans

Chris Stelly
Peggy Dold
Michael Hecht
Tara Hernandez

Startup Interviews

Jason Fox
Morgan Hayduk
Brandon Leafblad
Dave Park
Hazel Savage
Josh Simons
Jessica Steinberg
Jeffrey Warshauer
Jack Yan
Brian Zisk

Interview: Constantine Roussos, .MUSIC

Constantine Roussos
Brian Zisk

Interview: Matt Boerum, Audible Reality

Matt Boerum will be interviewed by Jem Aswad, Variety
Jem Aswad
Matt Boerum

Elevator Pitch Workshop

John Acquaviva
Todd Tate
Brian Zisk

Investing in Music Companies

David Dufresne
Angel Gambino
Larry Marcus
Zack O’Malley Greenburg
Rishi Patel

Promoting Virtual Events

Fabrice Sergent
Bruce Houghton
Evan Lowenstein

Building Community in a Virtual World

Anne Driscoll
Zaena x Jason Maek
Ritesh Patel
Renée Richardson

Marketing Music on Today’s Platforms

David Macias
Jennifer Matthews
Diego Paul Sanchez

Music Partnerships in 2020 – Evaluating and working with new companies

Brian Furano
Christiane Kinney
Liz Moody
Robert Singerman


Irena Cronin
Robert Scoble
6:30 pm CST - 8:00 pm CST

Cocktail Party

Artificial Intelligence

Cody Greco
Aron Pettersson

Updates and Implications of the Music Modernization Act

Join the U.S. Copyright Office for an overview of 2018’s Music Modernization Act and what its implementation will mean for the digital music community, as well as other developments to...
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Anna Chauvet


Maureen Droney
Mark Isherwood

CryptoCurrency Chat

Brian Behlendorf
Shelita Burke
Gene Hoffman
Tatiana Moroz

Music in the Gaming Industry

Monica Corton
Vickie Nauman

Music Industry in New Orleans

Lisa Alexis
Reid Martin
Sherri McConnell
PJ Morton
Reid Wick

Recording Music at Home

Ainjel Emme
Jim Odom
Piper Payne
Heather Rafter
James Towler

Digital Strategy

Baylee Badawy
Bryan Calhoun
Philip Kaplan
Gopi Sangha
Ash Stahl
Sam Tall

Inspiring the Next Generation of Musicians

Sean Ardoin
Robin Reumers
Mickey Smith, Jr.
Ian Temple
Judy Tint

Boost Your Video Strategy

Hannah Donovan
Ari Evans
Gray Gannaway

Audio Innovations – Round robin chat

Hisham Dahud
Dan Mackta
Matt Miller

Livestreaming for Artists at Home

Matthew Bizer
Philipp Dausch
Elisabeth Maurus
Micah Nelson
Heather Rafter

Women’s Meetup

Women only, please 🙂
Cindy Charles
Shoshana Zisk